Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Splash

I know, I know...we have over a month before school gets out for the summer, but I am so excited for warm weather I couldn't help myself!  I spend two weeks of my summer in Santa Barbara and I have been dreaming of the beach, while I sit here in the rain/snow.  Here is a 7 page packet that I created tonight to help with those last couple of days of school.  After the desks are cleaned out, the room is sparkling, and you still have just a few hours to fill.  You can buy this for $2.50 at my TPT store.  There is a word scramble, word search, two writing assignments, a summer goal sheet, an outdoor scavenger hunt and a short math review (multiplication and division).  I am really hoping this packet helps the sun come out and stay for a while!!

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