Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seeds/Living, Non-Living

Another part of our science unit involved planting seeds in a baggie (to make a greenhouse) and watch it grow.  We talked about how seeds are not-living, but they have the potential to be living if they have sun, water, soil and warm temperatures.  Below is their observation book.  It's essentially a large (12x18) construction paper folded into fourths and then turned into a little book.  We have foldables that we have put inside to keep our information/data together.

The yellow foldable holds a small book about the parts of a plant.  The accordian book is for the observations and for drawing the seeds as they grow.

This is the paper that is inside the 1/2 fold of the book.  It is for more detailed observations!


In science, we have been talking about animal adaptations.  One of those adaptations, and one that students really love learning about is camouflage!  I did some searching and found this awesome art project on Kids Artist and had to try it!  The 3rd graders LOVED it, and the best part is, they will remember what camouflage is!!