Thursday, April 14, 2011

Charlotte's Web "Diary of a Pig"

We started reading Charlotte's Web yesterday and today.  Today, I introduced our "Diary of a Pig" writing responses.  This idea came from the Littlest Learners blog.  Inside, I have different pages for the students to write on.  I found them on a website about notebooking, and don't remember where.  (If I find out where, I will post it on here.)

The students and I talked about Perspective and then read the book Diary of a Fly.  Then we brainstormed feelings that Wilbur might have felt during the first three chapters of the book.  This is what they wrote about for their first diary entry. 

Here are samples of the book's cover:

One student wrote this in his diary:

"Today started out so boring.  I didn't want to do anything I could do.  Fern wasn't coming but then there was a voice.  It was the goose, he said a board was loose on the pen.  I saw the board and started shoving.  It came off easily.  It felt strange to be in the wide open.  Then the goose said "Why just stand there? Have some fun!" So I started digging up ground, but then someone saw me and shouted.  Everyone came after me!  I evaded them for quite a while but then someone gave me slop.  I followed them back to the pen and ate.  I fell asleep warm, full and happy. "

Isn't that cool?  I was impressed that he used the word "evaded"! 

The other students did awesome jobs too.  I am very pleased with the way this reading response to Charlotte's Web worked out!

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