Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Literature Groups

I start literature circles in the Fall after I assess the students to get their reading levels.  I enlist the help of 4-8 parent volunteers so they can run the groups.  This year, I only had 4 parents sign up to help, so I did circles once a week.  Twice a week is what I prefer, but we do what we can right?   I make sure everything is organized before we start.  I get leveled book sets for the groups and then give them a big bag with all the stuff the group needs.

Here is the bag with all the materials in it for the literature groups.
 Some of the items that are in the bag.

Wondering how to get started with literature circles in your classroom?  This kit will give you 11 pages to get you started, including 16 cards response cards.  There is information on how to create your groups and information for parents who come and volunteer to run the groups.  My students have loved literature groups this year! You can buy the whole packet at my TPT store. 

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